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A veteran owned small business

Tacticom has been designing, manufacturing and supplying military ground tactical communications equipment to government and industry since 1981. We specialize in the supply of accessories, components and connectors related to military man-pack radios, vehicular radios,and telephone equipment. Our substantial and well maintained inventory allows us to meet your urgent delivery needs.
Our fully documented ISO9001 quality control system provides added confidence on all of your requirements. 

We look forward to receiving your inquiries. 

David Buchanan

Ground Tactical Communication Specialists

ground tactical communication specialists

Important Information


CAGE Code: 68908 
DTC Registered for Export


Export Requirements

Most of our products have military application and therefore if the end user is other than the U.S.A. it will be necessary for you to obtain formal permission from the U.S. Department of Defense Trade Controls (DTC) prior to export. .